Amanda Pitcher – Vocals

Justin Wisner – Guitar

Jeff Pitcher – Bass

Jared Wisner – Drums

  • Kardia is a female fronted rock/pop four-piece from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, bringing a powerful sound to the music industry.


  • Coming together in 2011, Kardia has played venues and festivals across the East Coast, supporting acts like Newsboys, Disciple, Audio Adrenaline, Fireflight, Thousand Foot Krutch, Third Day, Unspoken, Todd Agnew, Aaron Shust, Eleventyseven, and many more. They’re known for their entertaining and energetic concerts, connecting with fans and friends on and off the stage.


  • Independently released in late 2014, “Those Who Would Challenge the Sun” is Kardia’s first full-length album, a followup to their self-titled EP. From the depths of hopelessness, heartbreak, and despair, to acceptance, affiance, and resolve; every track is full of the passion and energy drawn from the lives we’re called to lead.


  • The first track on the album and radio single, “To the End,” shines a light on the impossible expectations set before us; the idea that we can never measure up to society’s demands and how we are constantly reminded that we’ll never be “good enough” for the ever-changing expectations placed upon us.


  • “Fight for Love” is an anthem to the men, women, boys, and girls who have fallen victim to the horrors of human trafficking and sex slavery. Even when it’s not highlighted by the media, it is always an issue, and should never be forgotten.